Edgecam 2015 R2

Advanced 5 Axis Machining Cycle | Edgecam 2015 R2 CAD/CAM

The machining of port features has been made significantly easier thanks to the new Port Machining module found in the Advanced 5-Axis Cycle. Roughing and finishing strategies are available as well as further collision check controls. The toolpath reaches the full area with a single path, offering two types of cut pattern.

Edgecam Workflow Solids | Edgecam 2015 R2 CAD/CAM

Amongst numerous enhancements found in EWS is the ability to load 3rd party CAD files. Designs can now be created referencing a 3rd party file. Standard slot features can be created from profiles using the new ‘Slotting Tool’. Dimensional constraints can now be automatically added as well mathematical functions used within the constant.

Wire EDM | Edgecam 2015 R2 CAD/CAM

Wire EDM benefits from further Advanced controls for Edgecam’s 2- and 4-axis Wire EDM machining cycles. Four variants of ‘Corner Relief’ have been added . Addition ‘Tags’ can be introduced thanks to the improved cycle dialog interface. Full support is now available for Agie Charmilles CTXpet, integrating technology data directly into the cycle.

Drill Cycle Cross Hole Optimisation | Edgecam 2015 R2 CAD/CAM

Using the enhanced Hole Cycle in Edgecam 2015 R2 gives significant time savings. Where voids or intersecting holes are detected, the toolpath is automatically adjusted, increasing the feedrate while the tool is not cutting.

Enhanced Multi Spindle Lathe Set Up | Edgecam 2015 R2 CAD/CAM

Edgecam 2015R2 delivers several major enhancements for customers using Multi Spindle Lathes. The Lathe Set-Up command has been enhanced allowing for clearer definition of Main & Sub-Spindle components. This allows a clearer understanding of which machining features are active and allows multiple transfers between the spindles. The new Spindle Set-Up command makes it easier to edit the sequence window, plus, the sub-spindle part can be machined away from its Home position

Link Move Collision Avoidance | Edgecam 2015 R2 CAD/CAM

2015R2 delivers additional collision avoidance by checking Link moves between all Milling cycles. Link moves are now automatically checked , with the tool retracting to a safe height . The Update Fixtures command has been enhanced allowing the user to specific what is collision checked

Machine Tool Configuration | Edgecam 2015 R2 CAD/CAM

With the increasing popularity of mill-turn machines, further evolution in Machine Tool configurations has taken place in Edgecam 2015 R2. Users can now create ‘table-table,’ ‘head-table’ and ‘nutated table-table’ machines, supporting ISO & TNC controls.

Probing - support for M&H plus new functionality | Edgecam 2015 R2 CAD/CAM

The current Edgecam Probing licence now includes support for M&H machine tools. M&H uses exactly the same probe commands as Renishaw. Furthermore, the existing cycles have been enhanced with new Function Modifiers and a Print check box.

WorkXplore | Edgecam 2015 R2 CAD/CAM

PartXplore, directly displays and evaluates 3D CAD files without the need for the original CAD application. Users can build virtual unified prototypes of 3D models as well as use its powerful analysis functions for measurement, annotation, animation, collision detection, documentation, publication and collaboration. The intuitive, easy-to-use interface enables novice and experienced CAD users alike to explore and work with any type of 2D and 3D CAD file. The video shows a typical application where PartXPlore allows an Edgecam user access to annotation & Point Vector Information.

Edgecam 2015 R2 | Understanding the new release Webinar

View the recording of our live webinar presentation, highlighting the many features of Edgecam 2015 R2.

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