Edgecam PartXplore videoer

Edgecam PartXplore er et verktøy for å vise, analysere og evaluere alle typer 3D CAD – filer, uten behov for den opprinnelige CAD – programvaren. Edgecam PartXplore er et meget lettfattelig og rimelig alternativ til tunge CAD – applikasjoner.

Importing Models | WorkXplore

WorkXplore has been created for the efficient import and analysis of files of all sizes and types but it is the speed at which it imports large, and even very large, 3D CAD files which is particularly impressive, often taking less than half the time to open a file compared to the original CAD application.

Client Viewer For Collaboration | WorkXplore

WorkXplore enables users to communicate 3D parts and assemblies to sub-contractors, customers or colleagues using an independent application generated by WorkXplore. This application is extremely compact and easy to transmit by email.

Display Functions | WorkXplore

High performance displays include :Predefined windows with various views (face, top, bottom, left, right, iso,…); dynamic zoom, rotation and scroll; several display modes : 3D, shaded, wireframe, hidden lines or textured; colour transparency and visibility management for each object or surface.

Creating Animations | WorkXplore

A simple and intuitive timeline provides an easy-to-use environment to simulate the movement of part assemblies.

Creating Axis Systems | WorkXplore

Create multiple axis systems on a model to help analyse part topology and prepare the model for manufacture.

Measure and Analysis - Measuring Functions | WorkXplore

WorkXplore features a wide range of 2D and 3D measurement functions. Even non-expert CAD users can quickly get to grips with the software and immediately obtain accurate results, by making use of the software’s predefined selection modes (points, wireframe entities, planes, surfaces, etc).

Measure and Analysis - Comparing Models | WorkXplore

Automatic comparison of model revisions feature a 3D graphic display of the difference between the two models. The modifications are clearly identifiable by colours. By clicking on the model, the user can measure the difference in material to be added or removed between the two revisions.

Measure and Analysis - Draft Angles | WorkXplore

WorkXplore automatically colours draft angles and undercuts according to the mould stripping axis. Precise draft angle values are displayed as the mouse is dynamically dragged over the surfaces and can be inserted by default onto the 3D model.

Measure and Analysis - Dynamic Section | WorkXplore

The dynamic reference controller allows users to control the section plane with the mouse in rotational and panning directions or following a guide curve. 3D measurements in a dynamic section can be carried out without extracting geometric data.

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