Creating CPL's using Solid Models

Edgecam has the capability of creating a CPL from a solid face.

The CPL from Face command allows you to create a CPL from a solid face. This requires the selection of a face, plus an origin (optional). You can select the origin from any points on the model (including typed in co-ordinates and vertices). This CPL can then be used as a reference for machining purposes.

This function provides a method of CPL creation for Multi-plane applications. The full functionality for CPL creation is available through the normal Create CPL command, although this will first require you to create the Edgecam geometry.

Origin Check this box to specify an origin for the CPL which can be selected from vertices or any other defined points (including typed in co-ordinates).

Name Applies a name to the new CPL, if required.

Plane Specifies a method for redefining the plane of the CPL. Choose between the following options:

Face NormalAllows you to select a planar face from a solid for CPL creation.

Face Axis Allows you to select conical and cylindrical faces from a solid for CPL creation, typically useful in the multiplane milling environment when creating a CPL which is normal to a hole. The orientation is taken from the cylinder, the Z-axis of the CPL will point away from the middle of the cylinder. If the datum position for the CPL is above the centre of the cylinder the CPL’s Z axis will point up and if the datum is below the centre of the cylinder the Z axis will point down.

You will be prompted to pick the cylindrical face to define the CPL orientation.

You can intellisnap the origin at either end of the cylindrical face along the centreline of the cylinder. (This selection mode is optional and can be controlled by checking the appropriate box on the Selection tab of the Preferences (Options menu) dialog.
The default setting for this option is ON.)

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