Edgecam’s Improved Use of Instruction Browser

To improve the use of the Sequence Browser, Edgecam 2011 R1 now offers command context checking and cycle highlighting with changed features.

When working in Edgecam, manufacturing commands are grayed out until the correct mode or tool has been selected.

This can lead to problems when you move commands in the browser as you can inadvertently place a command where it would normally be unavailable.  When this happens, Edgecam now highlights the ‘out of context’ command with a purple background.  This allows you to rectify the problem.

The example below shows a Rotary/Planar Mode command that has been moved from its original position and that is now ‘out of context’ (the command is not available while turning).



Following a solids reload, features may change, which can affect the cycle using the features.

The Sequence Browser has been improved and any cycles that use a changed feature are now shown in red in the instruction list and flagged with a warning icon. This informs you that the input geometry to the cycle has changed and therefore may require some adjustment.

To clear the message, you need to accept the feature (right-click the feature in the Feature Browser and select Accept from the shortcut menu).  This can be done in Design mode.


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