Finish Turn Cycle now has the ability to Use Current Stock

Following developments in Rough Turning in recent releases, the Use Current Stock option has been added to the Finish Turn cycle.  Use this option to restrict the toolpath to only those regions that have stock, without having to manually reposition the start/end arrows. This new functionality in effect adds a ‘rest machining’ capability to the Finish Turn cycle, and is also ideal for use with Strategy Manager to stop re-machining finished areas.  If required, you can apply Start/End extensions to each profile region. Normal Lead in and out moves will be applied all around the part.

To use this option, check the Use Current Stock parameter in the Finish Turning Cycle.

Notice in the image below, the highlighted toolpath shows the Finish Turning Cycle that has been created using the current stock.  You can see how it only machines the component where stock has been left from the previous cycles.

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