How to use "Align Body for Turning" command

In cases where the imported solid component orientation is incorrect or if the CPL is not in the proper location, using the Align Body for Turning command will re-align and position the solid component for proper turning.

• The command prompts you to digitize faces to be used for the re-orientation.

• Each digitize immediately results in the re-orientation, so you can work interactively.

• Perform a finish to move on to the next prompt.
o Before the finish you can digitize again to change your selection.
o Before the finish you can digitize the same face or edge to rotate the body.
o You can perform the finish without digitizing if you want to skip a stage.

Select the Align Body for Turning command    and follow along with the prompts:

1. Select face to define axis of rotation
o Click on a cylindrical face to be aligned with and centered around the Z axis.  Click the face again if you want to then invert the body (rotates 180° around the X axis)

2. Select face to define origin plane
o Click on the face that you want to be placed at the origin (center of face placed at Z & X =0 )

3. Select face to define C orientation
o Click on a face that you want to be normal to the X axis, rotating the part around Z.  This will typically be a flat on a cylindrical face.  Each subsequent click further rotates the body 90° around Z.  As an alternative to a flat face, you can click one of the faces of a radial hole.

Note that you can also opt for the part to be automatically aligned on opening – check Options menu ► Preferences ► Solids tab ► Auto align for turn. You need the ZX environment set as the default, as determined by the specified defaults file.)

Align Body for Milling  command is also available to rotate a solid body to an orientation relative to the current CPL, and optionally move the body to a relative position within the CPL.

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