In Process Stock for Milling

Did you know that Edgecam 2009 R2 now has In Process Stock for Milling?

The Roughing cycle can now use In Process (dynamic) stock in the milling environment.  When creating a Roughing Cycle, set the Stock Type to ‘Current Stock’.  The Stock Offset parameter will allow you to set a 3D offset amount that’s applied to the stock’s current state.  After generating a Roughing Cycle, use M-Functions menu ► Update Stock, to update the stock with the effects of previous machining.  If a second Roughing Cycle is created with Stock Type set to ‘Current Stock’, the cycle will now have a dynamic link to the stock, so it will adapt itself to any changes to the stock machining higher up the sequence.

Using the Update Stock command is useful for updating cycles using ‘Current Stock’, so that the toolpaths are updated accordingly to how the stock has been machined previously in the sequence.

As a reminder, In Process Stock for Turning was also made available in Edgecam 2009 R1.

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