In Process Stock for Turning

In Process Stock is a new turning stock implementation within Edgecam. The basis of the stock is as before – a turn billet for example, but you use this stock in a different way, so that the stock:

•    Can be updated to show affects of machining on the stock.
•    Is always shown in Simulator (does not rely on Layer visibility).
•    Can be used dynamically in the New Rough Turn cycle, so that toolpaths are automatically updated with the affects of previous machining.

Stock needs to be created before the Manufacturing sequence has started.  Stock can be created automatically, from a solid, cylinder or from a turn billet.

Use the Auto setting for Initial Stock when you only have one stock item. Otherwise use <Digitise>, to manually select the stock (or <None> for no stock).

Note the new stock icon  in the Features Window (Tree view).

Create a New Rough Turn Cycle with the ‘Use Current Stock’ checked.

 Use the new M-Functions menu ► Update Stock command.

Note that this command only affects the new ‘In Process’ stock. You can convert the previous type of stock (with the icon   ) in existing parts by using M-Functions menu ► Lathe Setup, checking Select Stock, and digitizing the existing stock profile.

The Update Stock instruction ensures the toolpath is generated and dynamically adjusted according to the previous machining on the stock.

(Not available with an early ‘non-adaptive’ code generator selected.)


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