Intellisnap: What is it and how do you use it?

Intellisnap: What is it and how do you use it?

“Intellisnap” has multiple functions that you can take advantage of. When turned on, it will display a feedback window with information about entities. Right click in the Graphics Area of Edgecam and select ‘Intellisnap’.

Place the cursor over any entity and it will display the entity type and layer it’s on. Selecting the ‘V’ button on the keyboard will display additional information about the entity.

Where more than one entity is selectable in a given position (where two faces meet for example) you will see the symbol. You can use the ‘Tab’ key to toggle through the selections.

Also, when you are digitizing, Intellisnap automatically displays points on existing geometry such as mid-points, end points, intersections etc. As your cursor nears these points, they become highlighted and your click selects these points exactly.


In the Manufacturing Environment, place the cursor over a toolpath created. It will display which tool is used in the toolpath, cycle type, and also the cycle time.

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