New Rough Profile Cycle

This is a new cycle that replaces the Rough Profile cycle.  The Rough Profiling cycle removes material in a series of cuts parallel to the input profile and is typically used for roughing free form profiles from free form stock billets. It is also useful for cutting materials where it is beneficial to minimize re-entrant cutting as it keeps the tool in contact with the material for longer.

Benefits of the new cycle include:

  • Cycle is optionally stock aware to eliminate air cuts and reduce cycle time.
  • Intelligent stock entry and exit.
  • Support for controller tool offset i.e. G41/G42.
  • Possibility to enter a constant cut depth or different cut depths for X and Z.
  • Specify ZX or Constant Offset finishing allowance.
  • Possibility to enter different offsets for each face element.
  • Option to stop after a specified no. of cuts, return to a safe swarf clearance position, stop the machine, clear the swarf then carry on.

The old Rough Profile cycle has been removed from the default user interface, but can be retrieved using  Customize ->Commands -> Turn Cycles

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