Preparing Solid Models for Manufacturing - Automatic Feature Finding Part 4

Continuing on from the past Automatic Feature Finding Tech Tips, Select the Feature Find command, check the appropriate parameters and features in Feature Find dialog, select OK and Edgecam will interrogate the native solid model.  When the AFR has finished searching the solid model for features the Feedback window will be populated detailing what features have been found on the active CPL.

The Features Window

All features that are found using the AFR are listed in the Feature Window under the CPL in which they were located.

Using the Features Window, edit one of the Features by either image8.jpg  double left clicking or image9.jpgright click and Edit.

The dialogue box will differ depending on which type of feature you edit. The dialogue shown below represents a Hole Feature. It is possible to manually assign tapping data to the feature that can then be passed through to the Operations in Manufacturing. You can also edit the Geometry of the Feature.  Activating Preserve Depth will preserve the absolute Depth when altering the Level of a feature. This is because the Depth is relative to the Level, and if the Level is modified, the Depth moves with it by default.

All attributes of the feature can be viewed via the Properties window by highlighting the specific feature in the Features Window and selecting the Properties Window.

Toggle the render icon so that the solid model is shown in wireframe. Render the features using the Toggle Features icon found on the Display toolbar. This will render the features the same colors you specified in the Feature Finder dialogue box.

Toggle Features shown Translucent:

It may help you view the different features by switching layers off in the Layers window.

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