Saving MEG Files

You can now save .MEG (Machine Element Graphics) files directly.

MEG (Machine Element Graphics) files are used to save custom tool holder graphics.  Custom holder graphics can be added to a tool in the toolstore by browsing for the .meg file.  The MEG files are associative with the toolstore, so when the MEG file is updated because of a holder modification or update, the holder graphics in the toolstore will automatically update.

File menu ► Save MEG File command is used to save MEG (Machine Element Graphics) files directly.

This not only provides a quick way of saving a solid or STL to a MEG file, but also gives you the ability to automate the conversion to MEG format via a PCI script.  Load the solid model of your holder into Edgecam, locate the holder accordingly and select the Save MEG file.

Then move into the ToolStore and edit the tool to attach the holder to.  Move to the Mounting tab and Browse for the MEG file.

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