Simulation Enhancements

Start Simulation from the first command every time?  

Not anymore….

Simulator has been enhanced in Edgecam 2012 R2 so that you can now start the simulation from any point in the instruction list.

Use the Sequence Browser (no available in Simulator) to start the simulation at any point by clicking the instruction in the list.  Rewind to any previous point in simulation without having to fast forward through each tool change.
There’s no need to simulate the whole sequence each time just to view a specific machining command or instruction.  Simply pick exactly which instruction to simulate.

Simulator also allows you to specify where to stop the simulation, by clicking the simulator toolbar Stop Options command and selecting the required options.  In Edgecam 2012 R2, Simulator has been enhanced for more control over where to stop the simulation

Several new options include Stop at Axis Overtravel, Stop at Stock Transfer and Stop at Next Sequence.

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