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Edgecam Tips & Tricks

The following is a list of Edgecam tips and tricks that you may or may not know:

•  Selecting the proper solid faces and/or entities can
be simplified by using the window command.
Depending on the direction the window is created,
can vary what faces and entities are selected.

o  Select a number of items by using click and drag to
enclose them in a window.

o  Left mouse click and drag from:

•  Left to right to select all entities that are within
the window created.

tech tip 30 -1.jpg

•  Right to left to select all entities that are within or
partially/intersecting the window created.

tech tip 30 -2.jpg

•  tech tip 30 -3.jpgClick Entity Types in the Input toolbar if you
want only certain types of entity to be selectable.


•  In the ‘Layers’ Tab, you can show this individual layer
by right clicking on the layer and selecting ‘Show
Only’.  Alternatively, you can right click in the ‘Layers’
Tab and ‘Show All’ layers.

•  tech tip 30 -5.jpgTo display features (in translucent form) click
Toggle Features in the Display toolbar to activate it.
Click Toggle Features again to de-activate it and
switch off the feature display.

tech tip 30 - 6.jpg

•  Choose between splitting the view horizontally or

tech tip 30 - 7.jpg

•  To hide the toolpath for a specific instruction:

o  In the Sequence window, right-click on a
(machining) instruction.
A tick image-10.jpg  next to the option indicates that the
toolpath for the instruction is displayed.

o  Click the Visible option from the shortcut menu to
hide the toolpath for that instruction.
Hidden toolpaths are shown in pale grey in the
instruction list (see illustration, instruction 14).

tech tip 30 - 8.jpg


•  You can hide the toolpath for an operation without
having to expand it.

•  You can select multiple instructions by holding down
the CTRL or SHIFT key while selecting the
instructions with a left mouse click.

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