Thread Milling Operation for Mill/Turn

Edgecam Thread Milling Operation for Mill/Turn

The new Thread Milling operation is now available in the Mill/Turn environment, allowing more users to benefit from its advanced capabilities.


The operation can be used to machine wireframe and solid (associative) geometry, and offers support for helical arcs, canned cycles and integrated cutter radius compensation.

The operation has a graphical user interface, specifically designed to improve usability. On selecting a modifier an image or video explains the meaning of this parameter. Embedded help provides instant access to further information without the need to open an additional window.

The thread’s direction of cut depends on the values set for several parameters.


To support this Operation, a Threadmill tool type can filter threadmill tools in the toolstore. This can be specified in the toolchange (Milling Cutter dialog) or via the new ToolStore tool type.


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