Thread Milling

Did you know that the Thread Milling cycle can reference feature properties?

Edgecam 2010 R1 introduces a New Thread Milling cycle. This combines features of profiling and hole cycle to overcome the limitations of the earlier cycle and to be compatible with other Edgecam instructions.
The cycle can be used to machine wireframe and solid (associative) geometry, and offers support for helical arcs, canned cycles and integrated cutter radius compensation, as well as simplified lead moves.

On the Thread tab, use ‘Associative’ and all thread parameters are taken from the feature in preference to dialog settings, unless a parameter is not set in the feature, in which case the value in the dialog is used.
If unchecked, the dialog settings are used in preference to the feature values.  Only available with ‘Model Type’ (General tab) set to ‘Solid’.

To support this cycle, Edgecam 2010 R1 introduces a new Threadmill tool type. This can be specified in the toolchange (Milling Cutter dialog) or via the new ToolStore tool type.

The new Thread Milling cycle (introduced in 2010 R1) has been further enhanced in Edgecam 2010 R2.  The cycle is now available in the Mill/Turn environment, allowing more users to benefit from its advanced capabilities.

Code Generator and Code Wizard enhancements ensure that templates fully support this functionality.

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