Useful tips and tricks you may not know

Edgecam Tips and Tricks

The following is a list of Edgecam tips and tricks that you may or may not know: 

• To rotate the model around    , click and hold the right mouse button.
• To pan the model  click and hold the center mouse wheel.

• Zoom in and out by scrolling the center mouse wheel.

• Ctrl-E will fit the model in the screen.

• To rotate the model about a certain point, position the curser on a desired spot on the model.  While holding down the Ctrl key, right mouse click on the desired point.  Then click and hold the right mouse button to rotate normally.

• When rotating the model using the right mouse button, holding the X, Y, or Z button on the keyboard will fix the model to rotate around the designated axis only.

• Keyboard Hot Keys
o Zoom Extents – Ctrl E 
o Rotate View in X – Ctrl Up or Down
o Rotate View in Y – Ctrl Left or Right

• Standard views of the component can be selected by right clicking on the View Caption and selecting the desired view

• Just above the status bar is a CPL marker showing the orientation of the current CPL, as seen from the current view.  This marker shows the X axisY axis, and Z axis of the CPL.
o X axis – Red                              
o Y axis – Green
o Z axis – Blue

• To view larger axes than shown with the current CPL, right click on the View Caption and select Properties.  Check the Axes box and select Ok.

• Automatically align the component view with the current CPL by right clicking on the View Caption and checking Track CPL.

• To use the model color values from the native CAD system, go to Options, Preferences and on the Solids tab, uncheck Ignore Model Values.

• To change the model colors, right click on the model in the Feature window and select Edit.  You can then change the color and the layer the model is on.

• Make Simulate Machining window open Maximized.

Select the Simulate Machining command to start up Simulator.  Once opened, right click in the graphics area and select Options.  On the General Tab, select Maximized and click Ok.  Next time Simulator is opened, it will run full screen.

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