Waveform Roughing Improvements in Edgecam 2013 R1

The Waveform strategy now has the option to set the Approach Type as Helix or Pre-Drill.  It works in the same way as other strategies where a 10% larger drill is expected for the pre-drill option.

The Plunge feedrate for approach moves can now be specified as a percentage of the Plunge feedrate
on the General tab. This option is available for all Roughing strategy types.

Some machines tools, due to the “Look Ahead” calculation and the high feeds, may leave pegs in the
material showing unmachined areas. These pegs would be removed if the feeds were reduced,
meaning that the toolpath is correct but, due to the “Look Ahead” calculation, the machine tool is
avoiding those areas. Clean Up Final Pass has been added to the Control options which will add a pass at the end of the area to ensure that all material has been removed.

Waveforms Roughing pattern has been improved to avoid unnecessary cutting interruptions when opening the initial ‘virtual pocket’.  The transition between this are and actual toolpath is much smoother.

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